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New Feng Shui Design Approach

Need an Energetic Home Make-Over?

Energetic Alignment of Your Home and Garden

Designing space that is harmonious, balanced and inspires a sense of wellbeing not only takes design talent but the ability to listen deeply and pay attention to how the space itself, as well as the physical things in it, feel.  It takes looking at and addressing that which you may not be able to see, but affects your experience of the space nonetheless.  It's along the lines of Feng Shui, with an emphasis on customization to you and your home. 

This is why I am especially excited to partner with Lark Fox.  Her abilities and insights enlighten the process and enhance the design. The result is nothing less than transformational.  Truly, the most beautiful things happen.

If you want to be sure nothing is getting in the way of your complete enjoyment of and nourishment from your home, this is for you.

Interior Decorating and Energy Work: How it Works

Lark works on the energy of the space itself by clearing any old, stuck, or disharmonious energy as well as healing anything that is not completely resonate with you and your family. We then align the space with the intention for it and all of the functions it needs to serve. 

Throughout the process, Lark and I work closely to make sure the energy of everything from paint to fabrics to furniture is aligned and positively contributes to the intention for the space.

Learn About Lark Fox, including Energy Alignment for the home or office.

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