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Denver Residential Construction Management

Construction Management / Owner Representation Services

Overwhelmed with all the decisions and details of your custom home or home renovation project?

Hire a Residential Construction Project Manager

Let Chanie represent and protect your interests throughout your project. From interviewing and selecting contractors, to negotiating contract terms in your best interest, to making sure things are done the way you want at the price you expect, Chanie Laree Designs, in partnership with sister company Pallavicini, can handle all the details of construction management. The result is a seamless package that helps you rest easy throughout your project.

And at the end you are presented with an Owner's Manual, complete with material details, recommended maintenance and warranty information. 


Why hire an Owner's Representative?
Your architect and general contractor will have a project manager on their team, whose primary role is to manage the internal design or construction process.  They are each responsible for their individual piece, but not the project overall. 

Only an Owner's Rep has the global view of and is responsible for managing the overall project.  Everything from creating and managing the comprehensive project budget; to coordinating with utility companies and other service providers; to selecting and managing specialty contractors (e.g., home integration systems, audio visual and security systems); to coordinating and being present for furniture delivery and window treatment installation: nothing is outside the scope of the Owner's Rep. 

Without an Owner's Rep to manage and coordinate all the details, items can be missed and the potential for re-work increases, which can result in budget overruns and schedule delays.  In fact, the savings realized in terms of time and money typically exceed the project management fee.   And that doesn't even factor in the value of your peace of mind. 

While owner representation services are catered to your specific home build project, they would likely include:

  • Working with you to define project goals, and setting a budget and schedule that you are comfortable with
  • Actively managing the overall project budget and schedule
  • Representing your interests consistently and persistently throughout the project
  • Selecting the architect and general contractor (GC) and negotiating the terms of the respective contracts
  • Selecting all other vendors and speciality contractors (such as home integration system, security, audio visual providers) and knowing when to get them involved in the process
  • Serving as your advocate and liaison to everyone involved in the project
  • Working with the architect to optimize the design, ensuring all functional needs are met beautifully
  • Working with the GC to ensure fixtures, systems and materials are optimal and meet your expectations
  • Providing guidance and direction in selecting materials and plumbing and lighting fixtures (which are typically excluded from the GCs scope of work)
  • Reviewing and commenting on the architect's conceptual design documents as well as construction documents
  • Performing on-site progress and quality assessments
  • Evaluating change orders and reviewing invoices for accuracy
  • Attending final punch list walk with the architect
  • Working with the GC and other contractors to ensure that all work is completed satisfactorily
  • Ensureing all systems, furniture and window treatments are installed and functioning before move-in

Already have an architect or general contractor?
Chanie Laree Designs is adept at working with the team you have in place to optimize the design and construction process.  Chanie will review all work and drawings done to date and then create an overall project budget to make sure everything is accounted for.  From this informed position, the rest of the process looks much like the one described above. 

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