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Chanie Laree Designs

About Chanie Laree Designs

With over 20 years of professional experience and a Masters degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I approach projects of all shapes and sizes with a broad base of experience and creative solutions. I care about beauty and design, but the numbers have to make sense and everything that touches you must feel good.

My Design Approach

I have come to understand that every single thing in your space directly contributes to how the environment feels.  Every piece of furniture, picture frame and piece of paper is individually and collectively contributing to your experience of the space.  Everything is either lifting you up or holding you back.

Only when everything is aligned with your vision and intention of how you want to live, can any space be inspiring and rejuvenating.  

I appreciate beauty in many forms and love honing in on what speaks to you.  I care about finding that which is truly special, be it from previous decades, centuries or brand-spanking new.  I spend as much time as possible traveling the world to find that which is truly unique and special.  I relish in finding creative ways to honor the things you treasure. 

I appreciate quality and luxury custom design.  I am continually in the pursuit of excellence on all levels, and certainly when it comes to finding craftspeople, artisans and artists who are excellent at what they do.

If you've been wanting to have your yard, a single room or your whole home better reflects who you are and what you most enjoy doing, I'd love to hear from you.   

Chanie Laree Wood


Residential Interior and Exterior Design | Home Renovation & Remodeling | Decorating | Construction Management | Real Estate


Professional Evolution

I have spent my career in contract negotiation, project management and owner representation across multiple sectors of industry.  In 2005, I founded Pallavicini (, which added real estate brokerage to the mix.  The mission of Pallavicini is to help companies and organizations find, design and build-out environments that will support their business now, and as they evolve.

Pallavicini is 100% referral based thanks to amazing clients who are my biggest advocates.  With each project, what I have treasured most is partnering with owners of businesses and leaders of organizations in a powerful way whereby we accomplish their goals on time and budget, all the while allowing them to focus on running their business, not their special projects.  It has been, and continues to be, an honor.  

Numbers make sense to me.  I know how to translate them in a way that helps clients make smart, informed decisions.  I am all too familiar with working with tight budgets, and doing so successfully.  I know how to negotiate a contract and what terms will serve you best.  I know how to motivate a team to perform.  

Chanie Laree Designs stands on the shoulders of these finely honed skills.  It blends my heart’s passion with over 20 years of professional experience.  

Chanie Laree Wood
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